"I feel as if I'm looking at the world from the bottom of a well." - M. Doughty
2005-12-20 10:34:28 ET

Another day wasted
but I guess that's how it goes
when you're just on this planet living
and you hope your persistance shows

persistance to keep working
to keep breathing
keep alive
Hope that tommorrow
something truly honest
will shine.

Shine on the shadow
that I'm dwelling in
and frees me from the madness
my mind's caged within

When there's no hope that life will get better any day
and no light at the end of the tunnel
what's the point of going on?
Can anyone explain?
I want my life to be better
to be happy like it was
I want to stop whining like I do
and I want to rise above.

Please lord, grant me patience
and persistance to make it happen
to make my life
what I want it to be
what she saw in me
what He sees in me
What it should be.

"I wanna glide down over Mulholland
I wanna write her name in the sky
Gonna free fall out into nothin'
Gonna leave this world for a while."

Sweet & Dandy
2005-12-18 13:55:29 ET

Etty in the room a cry
Mama say she must wipe her eye
Papa say she no fi foolish
Like she never been to school at all

It is no wonder
It's a perfect pander
While they were dancing in that ballroom last night

Johnson in the room afret
Uncle say he must hold up him head
Aunty say she no fi foolish
Like a no time fi him wedding day

It is no wonder
It's a perfect pander
While they were dancing in that bar room last night

One pound ten for the wedding cake
Plenty bottle of cola wine
All the people them dress up in a white
Fi go eat out Johnson wedding cake

It is no wonder
It's a perfect pander
While they were dancing in that ballroom last night

(Repeat all once more and then end with...)

They were sweet and dandy, sweet and dandy,
Sweet and dandy, sweet and dandy,

- Toots Hibbert

2005-12-18 13:51:30 ET

The last line of that song
still makes me cry
Who woulda thought
it'd take this long

Motivated now
to move along
to leave you behind
before you leave me

A rockin drum beat
and a yodellin cowboy tune
I got 2000 miles to go
just to catch up to you.

I doubt I could change your mind
and I no longer want to lie
when I meet you
on the road somewhere
You'll see me as I am
And you'll cry along with me.
I miss you baby.
Good luck, Good Bye.

2005-12-16 16:59:35 ET

Missing you
drives me to distraction
dreams of kissing you
steals all satisfaction
Moving on
Is it worth it to grow?
taking time apart
questions my confusion

Confusion about the future
and questions of the past
We thought we had it all
We thought that it would last

Trusting one another
the foundation of which we stand
I'm taking steps day by day
to be a trustworthy man.

2005-12-14 17:10:47 ET

I wish I could dig
your car out of the snow
I'd release your car
from it's powdery prisong
you you can go where you need to go.
To clear off your windshield
so you can see
and clear you of your burden
so you can be free.

It happens to us all
we get bogged down in the mire
and we've got to dig
ourselves out from time to time

Someone should help you
so you don't do it alone
to clear your way out
of this sudden burial of snow
Maybe I'll be there
my shovel in hand
Single hope of salvation
in a barren land.
I wish I could
clear your way to the earth
clear your way to fresh air
but I've got to dig my own car out first

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