Why does California have to be so far away? (aka Never California)
2003-07-19 20:30:54 ET

I used to think of it as a dream
and scoffed at those who told me it
was impossible
a dream
I'd get there. for sure.
Even bought that ticket.
- Figured that would seal the deal
but reality stepped in
I neede the present. the here
the now.
much more than I neede some adventure
But he still lies out there... My man, in the car, on the road, and maybe we'll meet someday.
I just hope I can catch up.

2003-07-17 05:51:47 ET

the public fountain
busy today

bottled water for
4 dollars?! Incredible!
It's too damn hot.

Pedestrian traffic is stopped
by the line of people
gathered around for ice cream
(that one needs some work.)

The fan blows warm air
waiting for the phone to ring
boy did I screw up.

On the beach at dusk
2003-07-17 05:44:39 ET

I could see it in her eyes
I could hear it on her lips
Her eyes saw the futre
her lips told how it is

I tried to blind myself
I put my fingers in my ears
but that didn't stop her heart
from forcing mine to hear

and I knew in that moment
on the roof of my car
I'd never see the Pacific Wind
blow back her hair.

Who ya gonna call?
2003-07-17 05:41:36 ET

Yeah, so last night I dreamt I was a Ghostbuster. Not any specific one, just one of them. coolest dream in awhile.
I had another one, but I forget what it was about.

I realized I haven't been posting any of my poetry recently, so I'll put some up.
rock on.

Never California
2003-07-12 19:33:41 ET

Why does California have to be so far away?

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