Burger Queen.2003-11-26 17:03:43 ET

Today was...interesting. That's all I will say.
I didn't get enough sleep before work, but thats alright, i'll manage. Always do.
Time seems to be going by pretty fast this week.
Kind of sad, but it happens, definately so.
I now have somewhere to spend my thanksgiving, since its not a family thing this year for me, (a first) i am going to a couple of co-workers house. Bringing some food.
It seems like its been forever since i've seen my sister's. And with my twin, it has, but my best friend, its only been a month, but, when happiness revolves around just waking up and seeing the chick in the morning, it gets a little difficult sometimes.
I'm listening to some music that seems like forever since I last heard it, brings up alot of awesome travel memories.
Placebo is awesome.
I hope work is busy, last night it wasn't but I worked my ass off none-the-less. Sometimes I wish I had a more difficult or time consuming job.
That would actually accept the hair color of the week. haha.
It's not some crazy color, but black and red, is not "natural" enough, as they put it.
Man we are messin some shit up when we walk out of that place.
Come on new job.

morron-can mole hunt.2003-11-25 06:04:20 ET

Man I am goofy tired.
But tonight was alright.
There was a booth with the seat off of the box and so i crawled inside of it into the booth behind it and when some people got sat I crawled out with this crazy ancient fry and said really loud "found it" and the lady screamed.
it was mad funny, but I think she was kinda mad since i scared her. I love being easily amused, especially in public. haha.
aside that, i've talked to my sis. pretty rockin 2-3 hour convos we always have. i love that chick.
and there is a factor of me needin a coat, haha, they are in two different places and it is FREEZING
i can always use a new one

lost memory2003-11-24 07:47:47 ET

wow, i think i forgot how rockin dinosaur jr is.
kind of sad.
ah, memories...

2003-11-23 00:00:27 ET

"Mankind is like dogs, not gods - as long as you don't get mad they'll bite you - but stay mad and you'll never be bitten. Dogs don't respect humility and sorrow."

-jack kerouac

hard to think.2003-11-21 04:11:05 ET

i'm having trouble lately thinking of reasonable things.
of things that are within my means.
perhaps i've always been this way...
but, this time it's for a whole purpose.
maybe i'm extremely selfish, but i feel like even if this puts me in a hole that i've been in for my entire life, it is totally worth it. i hear that i need to think realistic, but i dont even think i know what that is.
if i asked my sister what she thought, i think she would tell me that if love has something to do with it, (knowing my track record) she would probably do what i want to do.
seeing as how i'm a very impatient person, and this is the first time i've actually done more than just thought i felt something, the unrealistic hole seems appealing.
i need a good back rub, and some awesome company.
then i think i'll sell my soul to something i don't believe in.
i'm sure.
i want to know what its like to feel happy again.

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