2003-11-19 21:28:04 ET

holy shite
tv funhouse is on. anyone ever see the year of the dragon episode? laugh riot.
my muscles feel like they are giving up on me, especially my back.
-note to self- damn you stress.
talked to angie yesterday. it made the day better.
i am thinking of taking a drive this weekend.
i have something important to do.
then I can see.
i hope all is well.

can't you hear me?2003-11-18 03:14:49 ET

There are times like this when, if only, the road would take me there.

]sparta[cut your ribbon]

Time presents itself.2003-11-14 02:41:35 ET

I realize now, that it has been a month.
Somehow I feel it has been longer.
I say: fuck this job. i'm getting a better one,
and I am pulling a co-worker out the door with me.
I dislike obnoxiously drunk people.
aka people who can't tell the difference between a restaurant and their home and have no volume control.
People- who talk mad shit about gay people. I am seriously about to knock the next person the fuck out.
And there is a very annoying person who is getting punched
somewhere very uncomfortable when I next see him.
Also, I hate assholes. Thats all I will say there.
New plans.
The new year will be fucking groovy. This I will make sure of.
My sis, best friend, and confidant, just had a birthday, and I assured her she was not getting older, but she was becoming a more experienced party chick.
she agrees and says thanks. Love you!
Hair is changing. I'm psyched.
I pulled a muscle in my shoulder, and nearly disconnected it tonight. way to go.
Came up with an idea for a painting, if I can pull it off it will be my new identity.
And as childish as it seems (I have had the greatest week with the friend who just left) we have made a new thing, and i'm getting the t-shirts made asap. I will post the scan of the draw-out.
This i'm afraid is all for now.
Did I mention they have me not working tomorrow.
Bonne nuit.

2003-11-13 17:56:40 ET

Been away for almost a week, and one of my best friends left this morning. Kind of depressing, but I now know whats going to be going on in my life.
And this is good.
Because I think I am rooming with her when she comes back.
And I am thinking of going home for the holidays.
Got a better job offer while I was working the other night.
this is all.

2003-11-08 16:42:00 ET

New pics.
the rest will come when I don't feel so bad.
au revoir.

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