Yo2003-10-28 20:35:52 ET

Yeah so I go to work, work an hour then my boss tells me I have to go home, and I learn, that the reason why is because there is a fucking 'day shift' worker who she likes, so yeah, were cut.
I mean seriously, what the fuck am I working for?
Pocket change??
So I see that the last part of October holds some bad moods. Yes I can see that a few have very good reason, but fucking give me a break.
Yeah so its 12:30 now and I obviously, considering I work the graveyard, cannot sleep, and going to sleep now would fuck up my entire sleep schedule once again.
So, I sit here, listening to some jungle music and wondering what I will do for the next oh....5 hours.
I hear that I am screwed for not working halloween, but you know what, I am not going to work my favorite holiday.
I keep asking people what they are going to do, some say nothing, some say what's the point, so, if anyone wants to hang out or something ring me up. Otherwise I am going to shoot for travel this weekend because I am sure that I can find something to do.
I haven't been this bothered in a long time.
So, in case you don't like to hear me yell, back the funk off.
Thank you and good day, i'm outie 5000. :)
-Zoe Rants-

blah2003-10-27 12:40:41 ET

Some part of me wants to go back home,
to that one place where I was most comfortable.
The location was nothing, in fact screw that nazi 'state'.
But the people and the atmosphere were something that was hard to leave.
Day by day it seems I meet someone new, meaning there is that one extra person to converse with or consume drinks with.
Yet does it mean friend.
Might be fucked to say but most of the time, no.
I can just feel it, I leave, they leave and we lose touch, as it usually goes with a frequently traveled life.
I'm not myself lately, kind of odd. I sleep more now, i'm nauseous all the time it seems, and i've blacked out twice in the past week.
But it's starting to get colder, which I am very much looking forward to.
Though I know it won't be as beautiful as Virginia at this time of year.
There is always pictures, and pictures I can work with.
Halloween is coming up and I have to write 3 pages for the zine.

Bonne nuit.

Time becomes waste2003-10-26 23:41:01 ET

I am watching "Toys in the Attic" A cowboy Bebop episode right now. It's a great part, but it runs.
Just got home from having a few drinks with the girls.
Where I aquired e-mails and a hooded sweatshirt.
And don't think anything strange, it's just a sweatshirt and drinks.
Last night was a bad night at work....
I blacked out, and when I came to I didn't know where I was.
What the hell is happening to me...
Sleep comes now.
Bonne Nuit.


Believe me, it isn't you.2003-10-25 13:53:06 ET

Wow, I realized how much graveyard takes away from life.
On the other hand my twin sis has moved Christmas to Halloween. And I almost wish I could visit next weekend. I think I might try to find a way, unless some people want to drink. But honestly, i'm tired of alcohol. Oh well right.
http://www.subkultures.net/justyne says today is 'fag hag' day, interesting.
Last night was a really bad night at work.
Me and a co-worker are drinking tomorrow.
bottoms up, right?

Rock!2003-10-24 02:13:29 ET

Back at 5:40 in the morn. Wow, I really love my job. :)
Not to mention i'm a 'fag hag' and I work with tons of them.
Why is it that gay men are so much more beautiful than straight. (and don't say it's because you can't have them, because that isn't why.)
I also work with some hot chicks. haha.
There were some drunk people being total asses to Cory. (one of the cuties)
Makes people lose points.
I really want to take some photos, I need to start getting back into that.... I miss it.
My friend at work is giving me the 'gay yellow pages'. Rock.
Now I can find some hoppin clubs.
And I have more people to drink with now.
I have Halloween off!!
Now it's time for the Z-ster to be off to dreamland.
Bonne nuit.

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