2003-10-14 06:14:10 ET

Pictures to be added soon also, of my monkey who is known simply as Mister Bation. Recent me picture, new art, and a picture of me and our Hooters waitress since that was my first time there.

Substitution2003-10-14 05:29:10 ET

I have realized that the early morning provokes too much thought. And brings on conversation of points in my life that have given me the anger problem I now today possess.
I would like to think of myself as an un-materialistic person, yet sometimes all I want are things of my own, and a place that I can unleash creativity on. Soon, I will be working basically 24/7. At least that's what i'm trying for. I'm not sure if it's this place, the fact that i'm inside most of the time, or the fact that I haven't been creative in a long time, but I feel a bit more bothered than usual.

As for this weekend so I can get off myself, it was alright, had some decent human contact. hung out with Tina and her hubby, drank and conversed. Had a great time, sometimes all I need is a little basic human contact. Sunday, V's friend Ski and two chicks (that I regret to inform I am horrible at names) came over and we drank and watched a movie. Interesting to say the least. But that was my weekend and I can at least say i'm keeping my tolerance.

These are times that we hold dear, and hold us to our fate.
These are the days in which something unseen grasps us forcefully at the base on the thigh. And the minute we scream is the moment our fear becomes reality. And our reality, is nothing more than the meaningless magnet that holds some piece of past that we think means something.
Even if it's insignificant, and oh don't we know it is.

Au revoir.

Lets count change for fun.2003-10-10 14:52:36 ET

Yes Another day in Killeen.
And I am alone here for three and a half hours.
What to do. -repeat-
I got my sugar fix (sugar crash)
and I got elbowed in the throat by vasa because I was tickling him. Its alright L the pain will go away sometime. kidding.
I saw a spiffy clip today of Bright Eyes denouncing a corporation named Clear Channel. And I now have more respect for him.
My old job is doing horribly from what I hear, so that kind of brightened my day, Is that wrong? Kidding, don't really care.
I seem to be in an artistic rut lately, I can't even draw a straight line. perhaps my brain needs to be in another plane, Tina what do you say? -gulp gulp-
Anyone see this chick? She is pretty saucy.
This will be my day, some sad existence.
I need an f-ing job.
over and out.

Lets stone the new comer2003-10-09 07:16:10 ET

hey hey, just got here. I've been poking around for a bit.
It's going to be a bit hard for me to do actual post about my life because I usually update with something i've written, but considering I have just joined this community I will do the opposite. (sometimes) -insert sly facial expression-
I live with Vasa, the T, D, & H.
And I am drinking a shite load of coffee right now.
It feels suh swell to buh hur, gosh I just feel suh darn eemoshunul rite nuh.
-insert hand shake-
But, not before I add a little spit shine.
Au revoir.

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