Venus Blue2003-10-16 19:43:19 ET

wow, i'm starting to feel more like a person each and every day. this apartment is starting to have material possessions. (and the person thing is just one of my new things)
my computer has a desk now, and so does v's and the tv has a home now.
its magnificent dahling, really.
start work monday.
on the other hand, Tina is sick, wish i could help.
I talked to an old 'buddy' today. some things never change.
and something I am a bit weirded out about, my reasons are personal.
but my twin sis got baptized. still haven't fully realized that this is a truthful thing.
if that makes me wrong, let it be.
about time to chug this guinness. ack.


2003-10-16 12:28:23 ET

I have a fever, and the only prescription is....

music i haven't heard before. come on people help me out, it's for a good cause.

And now for wire disconnection.

Today, we escape2003-10-16 10:04:48 ET

Yes, I have become a person again, meaning I now have a job. No this isn't a play on people who don't have jobs because if you don't work more power to you.
I have drug out the Alice In Chains vids today its been too long since I was reminded what a nice time the plaid 90's was. And now I am listening to Ok Computer.
I am also adding more music to my now new collection considering most of my cds were either stolen or in such horrible shape now I wish they were.
Now is the time for Dead Kennedys, Rancid, Download, and a few other favorites.
V got a VCR yesterday which is a good thing, because in order for me to turn my sleep schedule back around for the graveyard shift, I am going to have to spend a little time in front of the tube. And I'd rather be watching movies, than the tube.
V has asked me to help with lyrics to a song he is making right now. It's been a bit since someone has actually asked me to write something up so, now it is going to take me a while. Not too bad though.
I take it no one liked my attempt at 'controversy'?
It's fine, or maybe it was the fact that it was already known. Nor do I really care.
I'm in the mood for a racey subject or a debate, perhaps I just feel like offending someone.
Either way, it will happen today i'm quite sure of it.
over and out.

protoculture2003-10-15 12:10:19 ET

The ability to control habit eats at the system
and hinders all the little ones at the bottom.
Try to try to clean it all up yet none understand so little.
We fill our time and we carry out things that can't begin to help. And why?
Is there that personable feeling?
Look what you've become.
I can't begin to understand.
Most are controlled by chemical,
and we try to wonder when will we get recognized for some small hand to a race that kills itself.
Year by year prison by prison oxygen is wasted, and who is there to lay the blame on?
But ourselves.

short. and. sweet?2003-10-15 08:20:17 ET

Greetings all of sk.
Today holds an odd mood for me.
Or a bit more different than other days.
Slowly I am getting all of my music back, and this,
is good. Though I know certain people who could look at me and say I don't listen to that. But then maybe i'm wrong.
Or perhaps I can say i'm in that mood?
-raised eyebrow-
This is all for now.

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