sax gig    2003-11-19 13:21:32 ET
we just got a bunch of Christmas music for the sax quartet today. i think we hooked up a gig on the day before thanksgiving too.

 food for the soul    2003-11-17 09:27:04 ET
isn't it wonderful to forget about an artiste/composer and rediscover them when you put in a long lost cd? I LOVE GERSHWIN!!!! Has anyone seen the fantasia 2000? it is awesome!

     2003-11-15 18:36:31 ET
give me time I will be clear, given time you'll understand what possesses me to right what you have suffered...

 mmmmm coffee    2003-11-15 06:45:07 ET
gotta have my starter fluid. 3/4 cup java, 1/4 hot cocoa
repeat this step 4X to propell your Pete to optimum operational tempo

 I remember    2003-11-14 22:04:21 ET
remember what it was like to pour your love out to someone who thought you were the most wonderful perosn in the world? and what it was like to have her squeal when you got off the plane like she hadn't seen you in years? someone who thought you were the most important person in the room. Remember what it was like to embrace someone, not letting go for fear of missing them for a half a second? or stare into their eyes ceaselessly and murmering "do you feel that?", feeling as though your heart were about to burst? Remember the feel of a gentle carress on the cheek and the sound of the whisper "i love you, baby" when they thought you were asleep? Remember? I do.

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