rawr    2003-11-14 18:47:03 ET
so i just talked to micahla, i swear, i don't understand that woman. damnit, women, could you just give Pete a break and explain yourselves to us men? and just tell us what you want? I'm asking you, PLEASE!!!!

 iraq    2003-11-13 18:17:41 ET
I have been having a lot of stress lately about our pending deployment. Something isn't right with it. I am pretty uneasy about it. I am pretty sure that this impending doom is why I feel bad most of the time. I slept 12 hours the other night and i feel like i haven't slept in days! Anyway, i just thought i'd give you all insight in case i was acting weird. If i am, I hope that explains it.

 long day    2003-11-13 05:32:45 ET
I have a long day ahead of me. I have a band gig for a college graduation at 12:30. Then, we have to change in to civilian clothes (covert ops) and go to Temple for the temple concert rehersal until 22:00 tonight!!!! AAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! oh well, weekend is coming.

 my new sk bride :)    2003-11-12 19:19:10 ET

 o.k. chickys    2003-11-11 18:50:40 ET
Tonal has no sk wife. who's it gonna be?

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