Veteran's Day    2003-11-11 17:12:09 ET
To all the Veterans who selflessly gave to this great nation: Because of your sacrifice, we are made free!! There are no words to express the depth of the gratitude that this nation pays you. We are forever greatful for your strength, courage, and sacrifice. It is my honor to be able to say, Thank you! We will never forget what you have done. God bless you and your families!
-Spc Peter Miller
United States Army
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 academy football    2003-11-11 14:54:26 ET
Go Army Beat Navy

 trip like i do    2003-11-11 08:32:55 ET
o.k. i thynk that eye wanna go to elysium thys weykend...
that place rocks

[V] are you down?

     2003-11-10 16:34:33 ET
today was sortof a blah day. I didn't do much. I read a lot.

I have to work a parade tomorrow.

tired of it

maybe if i screamed all my pain out as loud as i could, she'd hear me

 wool over the eyes?    2003-11-10 06:30:34 ET
How is it that you are able to easily see the evil in the world around you, but you are blind to the good in the world and the God from which it comes? It IS written: "Behold, I stand at the door and knock" Rev. 3: 20

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