oh my head    2003-11-08 17:58:04 ET
I went to an awesome party last night! Tina (justyne) and her husband Keith (who both rock) had me over to their place and we all got impared! They all made me feel great because they thought it was so cool that I am promotable now. lol Tina and Keith, you two are great! I don't know what i'm going to do not seeing you for a year. I'm gonna lose my damn mind! I love you guys!!!!

 pax 217    2003-11-07 16:35:36 ET

hey kid, what are you lookin' at. how'd you get so evil so fast.
where's your mom, where's your dad. what did they teach you.
did they touch you. i can't believe this happened to you. i promise
it's not supposed to be this way. but you have no right to repeat
the same. she's not yours this ain't a game. step back watch where
your hands go. they might come back to haunt you. it might do you
good to cut 'em off. better that than to rip her off. you're a thief an
abomination. lucky for you i'm no assassin. i love her you
distorted her view. God help me not to distort you. so let's just say
you're blessed. blessed that i never met you

i'm sorry, girl don't you cry, you're beautiful beautiful beautiful...i love you

     2003-11-06 18:43:38 ET
your love, it is the compass of my heart

 great day    2003-11-05 17:45:13 ET
Man...I passed my promotion board today!!!! I went out and bought the Pillar album: fireproof and the new P.O.D.
what an awesome day! God rocks

 brain dump    2003-11-05 07:13:19 ET
i passed my promotion board!!!!! i recieved in the high 140's out of 150 points. i'll know exactly how many after lunch. I was so nervous.

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