partay    2003-10-31 20:36:03 ET
o.k. tonal is rocked!!!
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 happy halloween    2003-10-31 19:26:08 ET
oh wow...petey is a little dizzy. everyone loved my deathdealer costume
have pictures will post

     2003-10-31 19:06:29 ET
o.k. wow i think i'm kinda drunk. my halloween party is going off without a hitch. lots of cool costumes. lots of food. tomorrow, we go haunted house hunting.

 so alien    2003-10-29 19:47:05 ET
wake me up, shake me up, break me up and put me back together

take my crown, let me drown, bring me 'round and stay with me forever
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 an end to my bitterness    2003-10-29 17:44:15 ET
tonight, i realized that i need to put an end to my bitterness. I realize that the past is the past and i can't change it and its noones fault. i also came from my bible study group where I was reminded of a very important passage from the bible. 1 Cor 13:13 "now, abide faith, hope, and love, these three; but, the greatest of these is love"

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