one angry soldier    2003-10-28 13:34:05 ET
I'd just like to comment on all the anti war propaganda. While browsing the internet today, I came across a website that disgusted me. It was an anti-Bush/war/military poster site. People are entitled to their views, HOWEVER, on this site there were posters of the American flags with schwastikas instead of stars, MY FLAG, THE FLAG I'D FIGHT AND DIE TO PROTECT. Also posters of dead American troops as well as my commander in chief performing felatio on Saddam. In retort to all this anti-American/military propaganda I'd just like to say:

It is because of the military that people can sit out in the middle of the street and protest the war. ironic

Think about the freedom we all have, it is because of the soldier that you have that freedom!

To those who disrespect our flag: that flag represents the freedom that this country was founded on and that you all have. For it my brothers have GIVEN THEIR BLOOD!!!

So, the next time anyone feels the need to wear a tee shirt with an upside down American flag on it, or bash your government or our troops, go and find a soldier and take a long hard look at him, because HE IS THE ONLY REASON YOU HAVE THE FREEDOM TO PERFORM SUCH ACTS! HIS BROTHERS HAVE PAID FOR IT WITH THEIR LIVES!!!

     2003-10-27 12:36:02 ET
o.k. so i just have a quick schpeal about mel gibson's new movie "Passion of Christ" about the 12 hours on the cross. i think it looks like its going to be a good movie. What is with people not wanting it to be completed because of being concerned that it portrays the jewish peoples were the ones responsible for killing Christ. flash people...Last time i checked the Jewish peoples of that time DID KILL CHRIST!!!!

     2003-10-27 07:52:59 ET
not doing much today

reading (tolkien)

i forgot that i didn't have to work today. i'm a tool


 PROZIUM    2003-10-26 19:49:17 ET
i need my interval adjusted

     2003-10-26 12:58:22 ET

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