phat beat    2003-11-04 17:58:54 ET
wu to tha tizzang. o.k. i've got to go to bed before my nerves drive me to madness. nite everyone.


 promotion    2003-11-04 15:32:14 ET
tomorrow morning i go to the promotion board to determine whether or not i am qualified to be come a sergeant. I'm a little nervous. I have been studying like mad and know most of the information, but i'm still nervous.

 everybody to tha limit    2003-11-02 11:53:49 ET
come on fhqwhgads!

 previous 4 posts lol    2003-11-01 12:31:24 ET was online lastnight and was apparently pretty rocked. The previous 4 posts were written last night amidst my party at various points in the evening.

I do have to say that the party was GREAT! [Vasa], Justyne, orbitumii, and many more showed up all decked out in halloween garb. I have pictures and I will definately do my best to get them posted. I really wish ALL my sk buds could've been there. We made all kinds of food and there was much beer and all were pleased.


     2003-10-31 20:45:37 ET
o.k. what the flyin hell...why now is everyone offline now???

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