spark a conversation    2003-07-03 13:16:56 ET
I believe that we are a product of our environment as well as our own subconscious, where personality development is concerned. Some of my friends disagree with the acceptance of both the schools of thought simultaneously. I have met people who are either one or the other, especially in the field of psychology. They were eigther basic behaviorists or subscribed to Freudian theory. The question i have is, "why does one negate the other?" Both schools of thought make valid arguments. I draw from both sources when forming my opinion on personality development. I would love to hear what your opinions on this matter are.

 quiz    2003-07-01 12:54:09 ET

You are Beauty.

You are beautiful, whether it be on the inside, the
outside, or both. People are drawn to you as
strongly as you are drawn to the beauty in the
world around you.

What Emotion Are You?
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 where ya be?    2003-06-30 07:14:42 ET
where are all my buds? message me or SOMETHING

 X gone givit too yah    2003-06-30 07:13:53 ET
iz it worth is let me work it
I put ma thyng down flip it and reverse it

     2003-06-29 15:39:08 ET
we played a concert in the Belton expo center today. I think that we performed very well. everyone liked it at least. Plastic, where were you?

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