meltdown imminent    2003-06-26 16:55:16 ET
i feel like i have been run over by a truck! I got severely dehydrated today. I almost passed out on our second ceremony this morning. not to mention the emotional anguish. way too much stuff happening in my life right now. i'm drained

 it is like a finger pointing away to the moon    2003-06-24 19:26:53 ET
i started training in the martial arts again today, after a hiatus. i learned a new kick.. nice, my feet are deadly. watch the hell out. oh, by the way, i am very interested in meeting soldiers from a foreign nation's military, so if anyone out there is from another nation's military, i'd LOVE to talk to you!!!!

 kill destroy terminate    2003-06-24 19:19:14 ET
7 months left till the big push. i'm trying to sike myself up. I get to be a part of history! i also get to kill without question. KILL just kidding. anyway, i''m replacing nervousness with longing.

 letter from Debussy to Stravinsky    2003-06-22 11:09:54 ET
Our reading at the piano of Le Sacre du Printemps, at Laloy's house, is always present in my mind. It haunts me like a beautiful nightmare and I try, in vain, to reinvoke the terrific impression.

 Adoration of Earth    2003-06-22 11:08:00 ET
I went to Elysium last night and had a blast with Vasa and Bret. I did get a little too inhibited though. Oh well, Wah Dah Tah. I'm working a block party for children a little later. I think we have to be there at three. I'm going to be getting soaked in the dunk tank *ROCK*. I should be back on around 20:30 or so. Went out and found a frontline assembly cd yesterday (monument). Its pretty good, though I'm not near as impressed as with their cd Emplode. Emplode has more symphonic aspects which i find more pleasing to my ear............current music selection: Stravinsky: The Rite of Spring...........beautiful........

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