bandoids unite!    2003-06-13 11:33:01 ET
almost time to go BACK to work. bleh. hey, for all you band nerds like me out there, dci is coming up soon. i'm getting my tickets tonight. you've got to love the sheer unadulterated ear pinning power of a 300 piece marching band. thats a damn wall of sound! (Cavi's in '95), do i miss those days. damn i love my job. anyways, i think it very well may be a rivit weekend! elysium sounds very tempting about now....not much else. reading and listening to Ludwig van Beethoven's delore sweetness.

 :(    2003-06-13 06:26:01 ET
I broke down in December
I headed for the coast
I thought the wind and water would elevate my mind
I surfaced in the springtime feeling like a ghost
Missing more than ever the things I left behind
Now Iím standing on this riverbank and still cannot explain
Itís been a long hot summer, not a drop of rain
My bag is full of letters unopened and unread
Iím sure theyíd tell the story of worry and of form
My heart is beating heavy with all we left unsaid
I swear to you I never meant you any harm
But sacrifice and compromise could never stand the strain
Itís been a long hot summer, not a drop of rain

 its all rizight    2003-06-11 14:06:21 ET
I'm tha O-D-B as you can see....fbi don't you be watchin me............long day tomorrow!!!! long!!!!! 1 ceremony and 2 dry runs! yikes. i should be done by like 1800 :( .......sorry, i haven't been on much except to bitch. i'm done bitchin for a while i think. i promise i haven't been trying to ignore you all.

 zen master    2003-06-10 11:57:41 ET
enough negativity. i've decided to pull away from my bad 2 days. I am the zen master. I had a pretty normal day so far. nothing exciting. i have to go get my department of defense sticker for my car, so the M.P.'s don't think I'm a terrorist when i try to come on post. probably pick up my pictures too. cool. maybe practice for a bit. i'm going to get some grub too. I' m about to gnaw my arm off!!! smile, friends, Pete's back

 just keeps getting better.    2003-06-09 08:43:42 ET
man i really must've pissed someone upstairs off. i got some not so wonderful news. i can't exactly say what it involves, but i'll give you a hint. you know that whole war thing going on overseas?

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