2003-01-27 13:17:13 ET

i hold the key of what i cannot have around my neck

*here lay my heart*
2003-01-13 18:16:42 ET

i've hit the anger part of my life, and a funny feeling tells me its gonna be a while before it fades. but it could be worse. so tired, my sister smokes too much pot. this is a great song. life's going well. I LOVE GRAHam. my belly button is healing very nicely. and wow. i've seen things that have really made me think... life..

>>"Gotta get thru this" Daniel Bedingfield

p.s cheesy yeah but cha to you!

2003-01-05 12:51:03 ET

i got back from my sister's today. graham and i slept over there on saturday then home today., i got my belly button peirced. but not on the top its on the bottom.... its sooooo kewl. i'm really thinking about going to live with barb... it just seems right


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