i've gots ta bone to pick...
2003-01-03 04:44:01 ET

you know i don't get it sometimes.

a mexican kid can go to school witha shirt that says mexican power on it
a black kid can go to school with a shirt that says black power
but if a white kid were to do it there would be serious consequences... its reverse racism. i mean it could be utterly innocent but the white person would be persecuted for it. i know theres a long BAD history of "white power" but i don't mean to the extent that all other races are bad.. just white power.. like girl power.

our worl is twisted

i got a rais at work

my nose is runny

love you graham!

2002-12-28 12:34:14 ET

i hate work
they are assholes
i wish they will die fucking die and burn i hate them their making me cry why am i falling apart?

my legz are gone
2002-12-17 14:31:15 ET

i feel so numb and i can't concentrate on anything. i hate the whole reliance on medication and here i am relying on my head to keep me sane and on task..
if i don't make it know that i loved you all along. remember that life is beautiful. i miss the love that gave me away and i need the love i have.. where's my mum?

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