moved and settled in!
2005-07-04 08:08:15 ET

hey whats agwanin!

moved in already! lots of fun! we set up my room i've been bike riding everyday! and done lots of great stuff...

went to the ranney falls yesterday with evan and the current was so strong that if you laid in the water and just planted your butt on the water (the water was only like a foot deep) you could just sit there and have water rushing around you... it was lots of fun! we just chilled... i miss him.. and i know that this is going to be hard


wow.. time flies
2005-06-28 07:54:02 ET

well i was suppose to be moving on saturday.. but it turns out the only day that i can move is friday. which means i can't go to edgfest.. shitty buzz..

i can't wait to move.. but i am having problems figuring out what the hell i should pack.. i looked around my room (after oraganizing all of my photgraphs)... and walked out to have lunch.. lol i don't know what to take...


2005-06-20 05:39:47 ET

my mom started drinking again. what the fuck. just when everything was so amazing.

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