2005-08-03 18:42:58 ET

insomnia has claimed me again.. although it isn't late yet.. i still can't sleep.. and i need to, i am tired and need the rest for another long day of babysitting tomorrow.

i am so excited about school... i wish i had all the info about my residency and all that jazz... i check everyday several times. i am such a nerd i know..

i am also truly, madly, deeply in love. evan is just so incredible.. he says all the right things at exactly the right time... how could life not be awesome when i have a guy like him by my side?

best of luck to all of you in your slumbers tonight..

2005-07-29 09:06:48 ET

Hey there.. so i am a live in nanny.. unofficially lol.. i moved in with my sister and i babysit during the day.. i also clean, do laundry, entertain, punish, and cook.. its crazy.. i also decided that i never want to be ahousewife.. at least not now.. that is my newest opinion.. i have a great respect for the women that devote their lives to their homes..its just not for me.. i am the type of person that will become a workaholic.. but i am okay with that.. as long as i can have some time for my home.. just not all the time.

kids are nuts.. they are so much work, and they are so much joy..

i volunteer at the hospital in town and it is fabulous.. i love it.. can't wait to do more of it.

going to see evan this weekend.. hopefully going to get drunk for the first time.. well i did drink like 5 years ago .. but i would hardly count that as being drunk.. i am looking forward to it. it will be awesome.. can't wait to see evan.

my dog died yesterday.. Tsunami was such a gad dog

2005-07-08 07:57:35 ET

howdy... went to kingston yesterday and shopped. i love it there. gawd i am so nervous though.. and then i baught a sweater that says 'Queen's University' on it, two tank tops, and a ring to replace the one that i lost at graham's (he didn't even look for me ring! grrr!) then maddy (my neice) wanted to go swimming at 10pm and we (my sister and i) said no and then she came down at like 12 and saw barb and i swimming.. she was so pissed! lol

evan is coming up tonight and tomorrow we (the whole gang) are going to Ottawa to see Thornley, Three Days Grace and Hurst... and on monday i start babysitting... so yay!
i also found out some fabulous news! i am getting $1000 bucks total towards my laptop for school from my sister and her in-laws! that is insanely awesome! plus i am making 1400 for babysitting just babysitting my sister's kids.. man this is awesome

love ya to pieces!

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