2005-09-05 05:14:28 ET

so after many years of hard work I finally made it into the school of my dreams. Here i am at Queen's university in kingston! it is totally awesome.. i am meeting tonnes of people.. its not as easy because i do have my own room.. but i've still met a lot of people.. still finding my way around campus.. life is amazing

Evan and I are still together, and we plan on keeping it that way.. its not easy.. he stayed with me all last week, and then i come here... all alone. its very different. i miss him so much, and won't be seeing him until about the 16th but i am not 100% sure. we'll see.. i am just so madly in love.. and i don't ever want that to end...

2005-08-25 20:31:32 ET

i think the thing that scares me about doing drugs is the altered reality.. do i really want to smell what i hear? do i want thing to be enhanced? whats wrong with the way it is? why can't it just be accepted for how it is in reality? what makes it so much better that you have to do drugs? it reminds me of my mom so much.. she had to drink to get away from everything.. so are these drug users using to get away from me? am i really that horrible?

baby please don't look at me with those eyes.. don't touch me with those hands.. just come back from that altered state and tell me that its okay..

i think i've said too much...

2005-08-25 10:27:23 ET

i am getting so sick of little kids telling me that i am horrible at cooking.. i can't wait for school... just 10 more days.. i can't believe how fast this summer has gone by!

i am so hawt..

Goal weight: 136
Current weight: 148


i rawk

i am running tonight

much looooove!

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