2006-01-17 17:15:15 ET

my heart is so broken. i can't even believe i feel like this.. it seems so unlike me. like i've been pushed aside.. and then my heart breaks again...

on a better note. i got two new pairs of shoes (see what happens when your heart breaks) and i am getting a new tatty soon time!

but my heart is still broken.

at work
2006-01-12 08:42:50 ET

being at work is extremely boring.. good thing is i just got a lot of money that i don't need to put forward for school, so i am going to invest it.. woot to being mature! after the christmas break, i found that being at school made me feel really adult. i mean that in the sense of the decisions i am making, my interactions with other people, and just the responsibility that i now carry. its good stuff

and my lips are now all fubared for some reason. i woke uo they other day and the corners of them were very dry and itchy and sore. but its not cold sores because i don't get those... it could just be a little infection.... ew either way.

i am kinda hungry... dang. can't wait for the end of the day today. it will be good. i need to just sit and relax.

enjoy your day!


to the depths of my depressed head
2006-01-03 15:22:59 ET

i hate it. these mood swings just eat me alive and i hate it. one minute i am fine and happy and then i get totally screwballed and feel like shit. i don't know what to do or what it is. it feels as if i blame everyone else for making me feel so terrible. and its not like i just feel bad. its to the point where i contemplated suicide or self-mutilation.. it just blows. i can't find anything wrong with my life other than my own thoughts and feelings. what the shit....

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