2005-08-23 17:25:32 ET

hey hey hey! long time no talk i guess!?!?

so school is fast approaching. i am nervous and very excited.. but as of lately i am quite restless.. i am currently reading 'Memoirs of a Geisha' by Arthur Golden.. it is such a magnificent book.. its amazing what doors reading can open up for the mind.

i have nothing to do.. getting bored.. still trying to lose weight.. frig...

yeah so lata

splurg about long distance relationships
2005-08-17 19:12:52 ET

so what is everyones opinion about long distance relationships? do you think they will last?

so far mine is working out greatly.. but my faith is starting to waiver a bit.. i don't know..

and i lost 5 pounds! wahoo! but i think i am becoming obsessed with the whole losing weight thingy.. but i am doing it very healthfully.. i swim, bike ride, walk every day i can.. and i eat veggies drink tonnes of water... no diet pills! yay!

Now: 149 pounds..
Wish: 136 pounds..

Weight to go (for those that can't do the math): 13 pounds.

wish me luck!

I've got another confession to make...
2005-08-11 07:19:47 ET

i love foo fighters.. and evan.. evan got into a car accident.. but he is okay.. it wasn't a huge accident.. just his breaks didn't work when it was raining and he hit the curb and went into the ditch..

i learned about Ganesh.. that is kewl

can't wait for frosh week.. i need to get dressed

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