ARG blah    2004-03-30 18:28:15 ET
Wow, the site must be getting BIG, it runs like I'm on dial-up now. I've been waiting for the last 15 minutes for this photo to upload into my gallery. So, in case I can't get it, here's the picture.


10 days until I surprise my boyfriend! His mom and I are evil and planned a flight to Chicago easter weekend. I love surprises!

In all my pictures, my eye color never shows up true to life. I finally got a good shot of my eye!


 hey lovebunnies    2004-03-29 00:35:09 ET
Jesus, I miss you guys! Are any of you guys on livejournal? I'm luckbeacreature. Add me, lazies!

If you're bored, feel free to browse my galleries, I updated most of them. Golly, do I look different than when I joined. <3

Please note the foxy new background!

     2004-02-15 18:53:35 ET
Best Valentine's Ever. I got a dozen roses and chocolate truffles. Color me spoiled.

 giddy giddy me    2004-02-04 15:47:41 ET
I am full of girlie giggles. Why do you ask? I have a Valentine. Eeeeeeee.

     2004-01-05 08:31:32 ET
Albuquerque's favorite gutter punk, Spit, has died. He was only 19 years old. If you ever needed someone to come over at 4am and drink whiskey with you, he'd be there. If you ever wanted to have a really intense conversation about Mortal Kombat, he'd be there. But he won't be anymore, and god I'll miss him.

R.I.P Dustin

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