Boobies.    2003-09-12 06:59:24 ET
Despite my recent cryfests late at night when no one but the kitty and my rats can hear me, today is going to rock.

Tonight is the Burlesque Troupe's SECOND performance! If anyone is in Albuquerque, PLEASE come by. It's only $7 for 18 pairs of glorious tassle twirling titties! That, and if you're a fan of pirates, it's pirate themed this year. I am featured this year as a stripping Cabin Boy and a sassy hula mama. Ass, tits, hips, lips, shakes, gams, bumps...and absolutely silly girls taking their clothes off.

Sunshine Theatre, doors open at 8pm, $7. Show up, dammit!

 Long time no post.    2003-09-10 12:08:06 ET
I am going to eat someone's brains. My upstairs neighbors broke into my apartment, stole a check from my checkbook and cashed it for $150. I'm broke.

Someone buy me a cheeseburger.

     2003-07-20 09:13:20 ET
That's right, it's my birthday.

     2003-07-13 00:49:30 ET
Awww yeah, I added some pictures from Heavy Rebel, where I met the FANTASTIC NicSinn. We had a great time (mostly seperated, sadly, there were sooo many people) and I'm definetly going next year.

Rock on, motherfuckers.

 RAT    2003-06-11 18:34:47 ET

This, friendlies, is Scurvy. I rescued him from EVIL. :)

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