Bang, Bang.    2002-12-10 17:16:56 ET
You know you want to pull the trigger.

 Wish me luck    2002-12-08 10:21:12 ET
I applied for admission into the University of New Mexico, wish me luck. I'm so nervous.

I am the Queen of Screenname ideas.

I love you.

 <3 <3 <3    2002-12-03 15:20:44 ET
More letters finished and ready to be mailed out. It's rad to hear people are getting them and not laughing at how much I suck. Last call if anyone wants one.

Sometimes, this nose piercing is too much hassle.

<3 everyone.

New pictures up. One of nerdy Star Warsness and one of me repelling in Utah!

 I Did a Bad Bad Thing...    2002-11-29 11:36:35 ET
It seems like this is a frequent topic for my posts. So I won't go into detail, but let's just say I had fun. :)

I'm still on a writing spree, if anyone wants a letter.

 Goodness me!    2002-11-24 15:27:01 ET
I just returned from a weekend in San Antonio, Texas with family. They spent the whole weekend either asking questions about my "earring in the nose" or commenting on how ready my hips look to push out children.

Anyway, HELLO! And I hope you all had a good weekend.

If anyone wants a snail mail letter from me (I'm on a roll), please PM me your address!

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