2002-09-11 09:29:16 ET

Well i did not have to go to english today.. so i came home.. hum.. so much on tv about last year... so i am so tired and i have that feeling in the middle of my stumach that something in my family is about to go terrably wrong.. hum... i am so tired of being a girl and having pms.. gah.. i hate the fact that i am moody.. it sucks.. hum.. yes.. thank you guys..

currentsong: She hates me, Puddle of Mud

Today has come
2002-09-11 07:11:14 ET

Today makes me want to cry.. i already have.. and i know i will again.. but as long as i keep going i know they did not win..

Maybe the purpose of all this is to find out if America today is as strong as when we fought for our independence or when we fought for ourselves as a Union to end slavery or as strong as our fathers and grandfathers who fought to rid the world of Nazism and communism. The terrorists were counting on our cowardice. They've learned a lot about us since then. And so have we.
--Rudolph Giuliani (05/29/1944-), at a funeral for a friend


2002-09-10 13:36:21 ET

Its raining its pooring come on there has gotta be some old men snoring

2002-09-10 12:40:00 ET


Any way.. i am tired.. i have to go pick up my sister in 5 minutes.. but i wanted to write someitng.. yes.. any way.. i am beyond bored lately.. yes.. aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh..
i miss my friends...

2002-09-09 19:48:50 ET

The Burbs is a good movie.. very good..

2002-09-09 13:52:41 ET

I love my life sometimes.. to day was ok.. i did not go to my first class.. because yeah..
then in philosophy it was great.. we had accual conversations in there.. and debates.. yes.. it was grand.. :)

2002-09-09 12:52:24 ET

It does suck to be a girl.. i hate hate hate.. it..

That is all

2002-09-09 07:42:33 ET

I am 53% Metal Head

I rock just as hard as the rest of the thrash set, except when no ones looking I like to get down with a little "More than a Feeling."

Take the Metal Head Test at fuali.com

2002-09-09 06:56:55 ET

Being a girl sucks...
Girls all know why...
i want to crawl in bed and sleep for the next 4 days.. yes..

2002-09-08 12:57:37 ET

They should make peach coke.. it would be good...

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