2002-09-27 08:35:26 ET

Chiro again today.. i may not get to go to edge fest tomorow... :( it sucks.. i have to call amanda.. hum..
i have a head ache.. i hope it goes away.. hum.. i am tired amanda called me today and woke me up at 7:30 am.. i wanted to sleep in but that did nto happen.. gah.. hum.. win $1million dollars thats wath the can says next to my computer... hum.. kodak.. ivy... koss.com.. hum.. cd-rom.. dominoes.. ok im just listing stuff i see.. hum..

Hum.. horizon moving systems.. haha.. i am rambling.. gah.. to tired to think of real stuff to write..

Hey my shoulder hurts.. hum.. i wonder why.. hum.. and my hip... i must have slept weird.. hum..

Feeling the loss in my head
wanting only to be in bed
to tired to function
wait i want a conjunction
haha.. i am tired.. and making up junk.. haha.. its great.. hum.. for any way..

My eye glazed over i can only seefuzz.. haha.. its funny realy.. i have to drive my dad and i to the chiro practor.. he threw his back out yesterday.. and was in the er for a while so i had to miss class which sucks.. buecause i had to take my little sister to school. and then run a hellalot of erranda.. i have my eyes closeed i hope i am typing right i am not looking.. i am ramblingh so much.. hum.. yues

k.. i have to sleep... call amanda before.. hum..
good day all..

weird and tired
2002-09-25 21:14:46 ET

I dont know why but i cant sleep.. gah..i want to sleep.. really bad.. because i dont have energy any more.. its gone buy lime 4 which is because of my spine.. but still.. i want to sleep..
Hum.. i dont know.. i think i am afraid to fall asleep lately.. i gues.. my mind wanders before i fall asleep and i have bad dreams or really strange ones..

School tomorrow.. class at 10:10 like always.. hum.. algebra.. got all the home work done that i could.. some times I feel like i am not smart enough for school.. but i am and i know that.. hum..

Hey there is a weird bug cralling on my screen.. hum.. i have to go to the bathroom.. i sure you all wanted to know that.. i think i will try to go to sleep in a little while.. hum.. ok.. good night all.. sleep tight and feel wonderful.. haha.. sometimes i acted like such and optimus but i am not.. hum..
ok bye bye..

2002-09-25 19:27:30 ET

i have the heebygeebies.. gah.. i was getting my dogs food and there were cockroaches in the garage, so i came back in quickly and put shoes on so i could squish.. the i filled there bowls and came back in fliped on the light and the roaches were in the food anc on my arm..i freaked out and through the dishes on the grownd and yelled for help to squish them all.. one headed for my room and my mom being my hero squished it with her bare foot... she rules...

Gah.. i hate roaches.. not the madagascar hissing ones but the every day ones.. and sewer roaches... the suck.. aahhh.. hate.. hate hate..

i dont know why
2002-09-24 19:43:22 ET

I think I am crazy, I really do.. I donít know what the hell is wrong with me..
I donít know why I have the thoughts I do.. I canít stop them.. I am scared sometimes.. But mostly intrigued.. I donít know what else to say...

2002-09-24 18:06:45 ET

Hum.... life eh.. well its going to get better.. well i hope so.. my grandparents are comming tomorrow night... not really looking forward to the visit any more.. my weekend plans are shot.. it bits... i mean i have had this weekend planed for a month.. long before i knew they were coming.. :( it sucks..

2002-09-22 19:06:07 ET

I feel so empty inside, i dont know. I want to cry but i wont let my self.. I hate it..
I have no friends here, i want something.. i guess i will just have to put my self in to my school work and maybe i will just forget the empty ness..

2002-09-21 19:14:35 ET

My head hurts..

2002-09-21 17:28:23 ET

Hum.. my sister thinks i should send a picture to sykospark.net for the emo poster child? do you?

OK.. hu..
2002-09-21 15:38:57 ET

I feel the sorrow deep inside
I want to go run, just hide
Life seems to go by so fast
The life in me has just past
From bad to good in a simple flash

The life I lead is just a front
For the real me is lost in junk
Feeling so gone, living with me
My brain is going to flee
For all the ones I love I hope they jump with glee

I want to be the person I am
You all just stare you dont give a damn
Torched with in, my soul is burnt
You dont care that it really hurt
I am silent I cant even blurt

So I leave you all with a swift hand
My mind is sore; itís all in the plan
Causing the torture to be for you
I want to leave, did I loose a screw?
I am just leaving, so dont boo now.

2002-09-21 14:45:42 ET

Well life is certinaly interesting.. hum.. I am so tired of crap people give me.. yes i am me.. gah..
any way..chiro appts are going to be good for me.. YAY.. man i am so tired.. i want to sleep........ hum.. i am blah..

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