2002-09-20 18:35:31 ET

Which Angelina Are You?

Aparently i am traped in a womans body..
my be my sister is right maybe i am a lesbian.. haha.. who knows...

What box do you get put in?

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2002-09-20 15:24:54 ET

Hi all..
Hum.. today is my Big sisters birtday

She is a cool chick guys.. you should all go to her page and wish her happy birday.. because she is Grand..
Any way.. hum.. i am really glad i am going to the Chiropractor because i need it.. my neck is starting to form bone spurs, and all of you who know what those are know how painfull those are.. but now he can fix me.. and make my neck all better.. :) yay.. any way.. i am so tired of being tired.. by 4:00pm i have lost all of my energy.. my chiro told me that is because i am using all my muscles to make my head have cushion or someting like that... ok .i am done here..

2002-09-20 11:19:43 ET

You Are a Cyberprude!

You stay away from anything crass or crude.

You could be called a "cyberprude."

Lighten up, and take off your shirt.

Flashing a chatroom wouldn't hurt.

Are *You* a Cyberslut?


2002-09-18 17:06:22 ET

Went to the chiropractor today... had x-rays.. :( everyones neck is shaped like this ) and mine is so out of aline ment its like | amose like ( which is really really bad..

and i have bone spurs now.. too

Welcome to the wonderful life of me..
2002-09-16 10:09:26 ET

so sleepy..
My first class was cancled today.. so i came home.. i am tired i want to sleep but i have another class to day.. hum.. but i love philosophy.. so its a good good time.. but all we do is notes.. and we have a quiz today.. :( but its ok.. i know junk so yeah.. hum..

I have to sleepp.. aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrr... but i have class.. so i go to class take a nap.. and clean the bathroom and do mathhomework befor tomorrow.. ok.. YAY..

2002-09-13 16:53:36 ET

My mission is to lose 75 lbs before June.. dont know how yet, any ideas...

2002-09-11 17:46:12 ET


You are hoboremixour, an extremely talented and misunderstood artist. In your free time you like to make fun of emo skumm by manipulating their obnoxious multi cam pics, and exploit them for who they really are.

What subkultures member are you?

2002-09-11 17:38:44 ET

have a very round face.. i do..

2002-09-11 15:04:39 ET

You know what. i like Avril Lavigne... i know people diss her all the time.. but i still like her.. maybe because she accomplished what i want to do.. i want to be a singer and have a band.. so bad.. maybe because she is being herself no matter what.. i dont know.. but i really like her.. plus i think she is beautiful...

2002-09-11 13:17:50 ET

Your Ass Should Be Kissed!

While you won't let anyone stick it,

You expect *everyone* to lick it.

Whenever you want someone to go to town,

You just bend over and pull your pants down.

What Ass Do *You* Have??

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