2002-10-02 18:44:51 ET

I love you
I hate you
I cant live with out you
I breath you
I taste you
I cant live with out you

I like that song

2002-10-02 06:55:09 ET

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2002-10-02 06:50:31 ET

i think i am bitter, not jealous but bitter. I think it is because the lack of love from a significant other in my life, the lack or the never been there part.. maybe that is part of the emptyness i dont really know..

Once again it is here
2002-10-01 19:20:36 ET

The feeling is back again, and as always it seems never fading. The nothing growing larger by the moment. Every moment seems to be less meaningful than the last. It seems so hard to even find meaning inside me.
I wonder sometimes if it will last forever. Although I feel this way, it will eventually fade, but to return much worse than it was before. I wonder why? Why is a question many ask, but few find the answers. I dont understand life, but at the same time I know what life is.
I know that life is trivial and it will always be like that, but I want something to fulfill me. Something to plug up the emptiness the nothing forever. So far in life this has not seem to come for me, just temporary fixes, the nothing out lasts the something. And yet it seems it will always be that way, but I know it will fade, return, fade, and so on. So I am being mildly redundant as I am quite a bit. I will go on and so will the abyss of my nothing/emptiness, and maybe someday, the someone or something will fill the chasm forever.

2002-10-01 18:07:12 ET

So many people love eachother on here.. not just in the friend sence.. but in the real sence...

Hum.. some times i just want to find some one here, to love like that.. but i havent, ever, i hope someday i do..

on my way to being a lost cause...
2002-10-01 15:29:16 ET

Hum.. I am in the mood to have fun.. but i have no where to go.. :( tear.. that sucks.. my dog is whining.. hum.. i wonder why. oh he wants out side.. hum.. ok.. i am not making a large entry bye

2002-10-01 10:01:57 ET


:) its me
2002-09-30 17:05:44 ET

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2002-09-28 19:51:55 ET

i wonder if i could crawl in a hole.. not die.. but live.. hum..

2002-09-28 18:46:25 ET

well i got to head up to pheonix today.. but i never made it.. i had a blow out on my front drivers side tire.. it sucked.. i handled it pretty well.. hum.. called my mom.. then the DPS showed up and called a tow truck and my mom met me at the tow station... hum.. it was pretty bad.. my front end is pretty recked up and my parents wont pay for it to be fixed but they are buying me new tires.. :) but i want it to be pretty again.. :( i will pay for it if i can get a job next semester.. :) hope i can.. yaya... hum.. i want to have a job right now.. :) it will be so grand if i can get one..

I wanted to go to pheonix so bad... every time i want to go to a concert or see amanda something happens.. what is up with that.. hum.. ok.. i am really worn..i barley got home and i left my house at like three.. so it took a while.. hum. yes.. so i will talk at you people lateer.

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