fm7 heaven    2002-11-11 17:02:50 ET
erm like Digit I am going to forego the fill blown weekend report... although it was amazingly fun you dont have to take my word for it

and Poor poor drunk Nachtrichter

..just to name a few.
the hilarity that ensued was indescribable. Sykospark informs me that there were 25 ppl at an LA once. feh.

Myself& TheTalentedDigit went to Coney Island on Saturday; i love taking people there, its so beautiful... the setting for Requiem for a Dream... it takes a certain mind to appreciate that kind of discarded beauty.

We missed Death In June on Sunday, because funds are tight. Instead we walked around Battery Park City, which is the park directly to the west of what was the World Trade Center. there was this huge space inside the still-standing World Financial Center that had this audio-installation in it.. the space looked like the inside of a mega mall or arena or something and the acoustics were awesome; there were 4 sound designer people's work being played there, the best was the things that were done with violin noises; we totally stumbled upon this thing on accident and were amazed at it/spent like 45 minutes&listened to all 4 pieces...

In front of the World Trade center used to be this golden globe-ball thingie that i used to loiter under, this thing was huge and round and shiny... i remember after Sep 11th seeing it in the middle of the wreckage on the news and it really hitting me that it was gone... well i had already started to tell digit about the gold ball thingie when we were in another part of south manhattan.. and there it was, like a ghost.. apparently they salvaged it out of the wreckage, bent by heat and burnt and twisted.. and put it back up... it was just kind of eerie to see.

later we watched True Romance *or was that the night before? my chronology is fucked* its got a really great Christopher Walken vs. Dennis Hopper scene... yeah that must have been the night before b/c Sunday night Death Condition and Wintermute came over to the DBD/Insomnia house and entertained us... and Digit played his side project moosic... its really pretty... he uses drums like gridlock... death condition fixed my keyboard by giving it a dirty look... it wasnt sending MIDI signal before and i dont know why but either way now it works.. thanks chris!! and we set up FM7 synth on my compu-taar...

as you may well know i am taking a small break from sales/banking... i now work in a factory/warehouse as the office manager *aka the only literate one there*... this was my first day at my new office, it was tough b/c they hadnt delivered the office furniture and we got a HUGE FUCKING shipment of merch that came unexpected, only me and my boss Ray were at the location so i lugged like 8 racks of 48 boxes each weighing 20 lbs up stairs... i knew this job would be tough/ its a pay cut as well. but the stress is less and i get lunch/dinner bought for me as part of the deal... so im blue collar for a while, and you know what? it feels kind of good... im less stressed, i can actually focus on things instead of having that faded copy feeling id get after dealing with bank customers all day... i can actually draw and write!!! amazing!!! i worked my ass off but somehow it feels like im on vacation... oh yeah and my boss likes XMarksthePedwalk.. he called it Perfect Music!!!

so the cats out of the bag, me and Insomnia are keeping the apartment we are in, its the other roommates that have to leave. as usual i had a great weekend/i nearly didnt go out saturday but im glad i did i had so much fun w/all the kids... my friends are quickly becoming a really integral part of my happiness... its like the high school i never had.

you guys rock.

and Faint rocks too ;)



 i made faint a present...    2002-11-08 12:40:36 ET
Faint is a very nice boy... youve gotta be a piece of work if i can stare at your face for a half an hour and not want to kill you :D photoshop is better than tv // too bad he logged off before i could show it to him..


 H!zt0r+e v!L aLva!s repe@z !tzeLv    2002-11-05 11:54:10 ET
Baby, ive been waiting,
ive been waiting night and day.
I didnt see the time,
and i waited my whole life away.
There were lots of invitations,
and i know i sent you some...
but you were waiting, for the miracle
for the miracle to come

you know i really loved you
but i saw your hands were tied
and you know it must have hurt me
it must have hurt my pride
to have to stand beneath your window
with my bugle, and my drum
while you were out there
waiting, for the miracle
for the miracle to come

so you wouldnt like it baby
you wouldnt like it here
there aint no entertainment,
and the judgements are severe.
the maestro says its mozart;
but it sounds like bubblegum...
when youre waiting
for the miracle to come

nothing left to do when you know that youve been taken;
nothing left to do when youre begging for a crumb;
nothing left to do when youve got to go on waiting
waiting for the miracle to come...

[when youve fallen on the highway... and youre lying in the rain... and they ask you how youre doing.. and you say you cant complain, when youre squeezed for information, thats when youve got to play it dumb:: you just say youre out there waiting for the miracle to come]

-Leonard Cohen *dbd7monthsremix*

 more industrial than all of you    2002-11-05 10:30:43 ET
i just quit my job at the bank to be a Management Trainee at an electronics factory. same pay, more opportunity, less horse shit. i have never been hired this quickly in my life.

the job is in LIC, NY which is my favorite part of the city. its just as rivet as jersey *gasp* but its clean too... and has pretty skyline view...

this does not mean i give up my position as CEO of rivetcorp. it merely means we shift focus slightly from finance to manufacturing/distribution.

it was made clear that i will be training ppl and having other ppl work for me, hiring etc. i just dont know what to think . dont they know a sloppy kid when they see one?

and did i forget to mention they ENCOURAGE the wearing of combat boots.

 new arrival    2002-11-04 19:29:36 ET
Cycle712 is my best friend from Florida. everyone harass him accordingly.

that is all.


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