2002-10-14 20:24:59 ET
/// and blood dark red, against white keys
these notes that cut me to my knees
these notes that cut me till i cry
these notes that bleed me till i die
these notes that sing out sad but true
...all are singing out to you...

*ah... my junior high school poetry book..*

 meets EDIT    2002-10-14 14:07:53 ET
Edit (by Insomnia): DbD forgot to write DATES for the last post of sk.net meets. Digit will be here this Thurs 10/17. The bday LAN party is 10/23.

Bio showed up at WEb2Zone today 10/14 so this post is for him. ::smiles::

Back to your regularly scheduled DbD entries. . .

 everything in its right place    2002-10-14 11:27:20 ET
okay im going to skip all the stuff about what a happy great day i just had with doktor242 because HIS STUPID MAC ERASED MY ENTRY so basically it all sums up to : 1.we spent all day working on music on his novation nova 2. hopefully within 6 months we'll have a nice place with lots of gear and comic books 3. i dont spend enough time with my friends, i spend way too much time with whatever male decides its their turn to run my life. no offense to any males currently running my life, but... its a repeated pattern and i'd really like to get started on that comic book i've been putting up with for three years now. 4. i have reached some kind of content equilibrium involving my friends/place in life/happiness (except for when STUPID iBook's delete my journal entries , feh)...

today was an absolutely beautiful day, crystal blue sky, feels like a florida winter, makes me miss home... spent the day effing with music (i now worship Digital Poodle) and played Magic the Gathering (G33kc0re).... there were more stars out last night than i've ever seen in NYC... ever... heh. even stars.. and i was saying a bunch of mushy stuff about how much i like my friends and (for the first time in a long time) i am not semi-suicidally depressed... despite what this mac is trying to do to me... sure i still have issues.. but im capable of stepping out of the situation for long enough to see that things arent really that bad. maybe its just such a beautiful day i cant help but be an optimist... i have my two best friends (in ny) Justine (Insomnia) and Chris (Doktor242) as well as a great cast of friends (many of which showed up to my party).. my job sucks but whats new, at least i have business cards to give my phone number out on, which makes me a fully ordained minister in the church of PIMP.... i'm not sick anymore (i had tonsillitis, severe, two weeks ago, i thought i was going to die) ... so without further ado while i'm being mushy about my friends... i propose:


SK MEET #1: (short notice but humor me) - DIGIT is coming down to da city... he'll get here probably 6 or 7 (correct me if i'm wrong, digit?) if everyone wants to show up at web2zone we could all go out to dinner, and marvel at his odd connecticut ways (yer not from round here, are ya, boy?) he's bringing his friend who just joined sknet (screen name to follow)... so everyone should come, he looks like a really neat kid, (for a gearhead :P)and if he isn't we can always get a pretty penny for him in the underground slavery market .. (muahaha)... then drinks are on me



thats right, everyone is invited to come to a MIDLIFE (uh, i mean midnight?) CRISIS LAN PARTY. Death By Design is turning the big 2-0... *shudder*... so in BLATANT REBELLION against becoming a Growed-Up, i have invited anyone who wants to come to Web2zone (also where i'm dragging poor digit probably) to play Quake 3 , Counterstrike, Unreal, Starcraft, etc. on the cybercafes network from 9-12... there will be plenty BAWLS caffeine beverage... i think the computer time is only $4, for anyone who doesnt have $$ i can spot because the more the merrier.... FOR ME TO SHOOT... muahhahaa.....

for anyone who doesnt know , Web2zone is located in Cooper Square right next to the Big Black Cube on 3rd Avenue and 8th Street, the Astor Place (8th St. NYU) stop on the 6, N, R... further directions can be obtained from myself or Insomnia... Web2zone hosted the World Cyber Games last week, it was a blast... so its a pretty nice joint needless to say..

the festivities of the weekend following remain a mystery to me...

okay... nuff of playin sk.net cheerleader, i'm off to play with da nova... later kidz

 insomnia cartoon    2002-10-13 08:22:48 ET
okay tried to make a cartoon of insomnia for an avatar but its not really avatar worthy


 now im writing poetry on *behalf* of my friends.. wtf    2002-10-13 07:19:42 ET
youre the love of my life, as ive lived it so far
youre an hour of sleep in the back of my car
you're the streetlights that shine on this bridge in the sky
you're a painful mistake and the best way to die

you're another aesthetic a different shade
you're the loopholes i found in the deals that we made
youre the soft static sound of the cars in the rain
youre the sleep that im losing while im riding this train

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