Tits For Tots
2004-06-15 23:47:52 ET

A work in progress: http://www.cafepress.com/Enamon

I need feedback:

What do you think of the current products?
How can I make them better?
Would you buy them if you had money?

I'm gonna be adding more crap when I'll wake up in a few hours or so.

2004-06-13 09:07:34 ET

I want to be an artiste.

Not an artist.

An artiste.

The e makes it cooler.

Or I might just sit on the crapper and read.

Telephone Stuff
2004-06-05 23:11:35 ET


This is absurdly simple.
2004-06-05 14:02:06 ET

How Many Petals Around The Rose? - http://personal.baker.edu/web2/cdavis09/roses.html

It takes some a few seconds to get it (like me ) and it takes some people hours. See if you can figure out How Many Petals Around The Rose?

2004-06-02 20:11:48 ET

No one comments on my SubKultures thing.


Are you all afraid of my thing?

Blast away to the Moooon!
2004-06-02 10:05:22 ET


I am spanking my monkey


Ich verprgele meinen Affen


I flog my ape
1 comment

Bad Goth Poetry
2004-06-01 22:25:06 ET

the cold rain falls on my face
awakening me to blistering existance
i feel my flesh decay and rot
and i pray for oblivion

i search for hope
perhaps the northern winds will take me
grasp me in their frigid fingers
and forever close my eyes

my heart's aflutter from the thought
and yet my joyous despair shatters
this shadow facing me
cold, condenscending, it is all that matters

i slowly realize where i am in horror
as sweat tears on my brow descend with me so ever further
as i utter
that horrid pentacle of words
"May I take your order?"

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