my family is fucked up.    2004-01-01 19:34:03 ET
I just don't understand why people do the things they do...

My mothers' biological father, who left my Nana shortly after my mum was born, sent me a nice card for Christmas and a $20 bill. I'm not complaining, it's a nice gift, but I have only met this man once in my whole life. 7 months ago. I know this really shouldn't bother me so much but what am I supposed to think when my grandpa shows up, all of a sudden, seven months after my grandmother passes away? After meeting him he stayed at my sisters graduation party for maybe twenty minutes and went on his way.
I didn't think anything of it for a while but after he sent the card to me and finding out that he calls and corresponds with my mom quite a bit now too I can't help but feel a little angry. He ignored his own daughter, and his granddaughters for what reason? Who the hell knows?
I sat down to write a thank you note for the gift he sent and to let him know what is going on in my life(he was curious) but I can't seem to do it. That's complete bullshit that he thinks he can just ignore his family for 20+ years then ride his ugly yellow motorcycle right back into our lives. I'm angered but most of all I am saddened.

There are other things that drive my nuts about my mom's side of the family but we'll save that for another day. There's also huge drama on my dad's side of the family. One of my uncles won't speak to my grandma or one of his brothers for extremely stupid reasons. The holidays always remind of just how disfunctional my family is. But isn't everyones? [or so i like to believe]

Jeff bought a cute nighty at victoria's secret today. i think i'm going to put it on and climb into bed.

 shake ya ass, hey! shake ya ass, hey! shake ya ass from the left to the right, hey!    2003-12-29 17:17:10 ET
i think an alien is about to explode from my stomach. >_<

 a little bit tired and a lotta bit angry.    2003-12-27 20:34:30 ET
i got a ticket on my way home from work today. disregard for yellow/red light. i've seen hundreds of people in this town turn through late yellows, like i did, or even run a red light and not get pulled over. i guess it's my lucky day.

my christmas was enjoyable. did some laundry and saw some family members i had not seen in a while. one of my cousins turned 21 on christmas so we got him drunk at our family's christmas eve party. i found out my good friend tracie is engaged. her and her older sister are getting married in '05.
bah. i don't like this. as long as people don't start asking 'so when's your turn?' i'll be fine.

i need to find out how much this ticket is going to cost me. this is stupid. jeff wants me to fight it. i prefer to stay away from courts.

how are your holidays going?

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