white stuff?    2004-01-14 13:59:33 ET
So, how about this snow storm? I think a mother-fucking-ass-load of snow is enough for today mother nature...thanks.

I was trudging down the unshoveled and slippery sidewalks on campus today and I came up with a list of things that really piss me off about (some) people in Michigan...

#1. Tanning.
It's cold 8 months out of the year here leaving about 4 months for people to prance around in their itty-bitty shorts, micro tank tops, and bikinis. They pay $40+ to tan practically year-round. For what reason?! So your nose can look nice and bronzed poking out from the top of the collar of your parka? Can't we all accept the fact that if you were born pasty you were meant to be pasty and cut down on the skin cancer statistics?
#2. Sport cars.
I noticed this little sport car trying to turn a car at an intersection earlier. The driver was hitting the gas and all the little bugger tried with all its might but only managed to make it about 1 foot in 10 seconds. I'm sure that after you spend most of your money on some fancy expensive sport car and who knows what the hell kinds of accessories it feels really great knowing you can only drive it 2/3 of the year. You'd better get yourself some nice walking shoes and a warm coat sweetie!
#3. "Fashion" snow boots.
Snow boots will never be fashionable. Ever.
Ooh, they're made by some fancy designer? I don't care.

 yawn.    2004-01-11 08:57:37 ET
went to visit jeff friday and help him move back into his fraternity house. he actually has his own room this term. woo! no roommates to worry about uhm.. hearing or walking in. hte loft bed thing he has is something terrible though. it sways. but his FOUR computers keep the room mighty warm! lol he's such a nerd, but i adore him.

saturday, for breakfast, we went to the very best chinese buffett i've ever been to in my life. they even had a mongolian BBQ grill! mmm!
later that night i went out with my parents, lil sister and her bf for dinner to celebrate my dad's 50th birthday. he hates it because he doesn't feel or look even close to 50. we tried not to say anything about it until his mum sent him this geriatric hamster that sings and dances and wears a tee that has a big '50' on it. he plans on regifting it to a buddy of his that turns 50 soon.

my parents are coming to visit after they move my sis back into her dorm room today. then we're heading to pizza hut. mm mmm! i must shower!

classes start again tomorrow... meh.

     2004-01-03 19:39:10 ET
a customer told me i am bootylicious today. all i could say was "excuse me?". he promptly exited.

i went to see jeff last night. we went out to a couple bars. i ordered a long island at the first bar and the waitress told me there was a 2 drink limit on them because they're so strong, i just brushed it off and ordered anyway. she wasn't kidding. i sniffed it and it floored me. i had to get a glass of coke to mix it with just so i could stand to drink it. i still couldn't finish it.
anyway, long story short, we ended up at The Lockeroom and they gave us some sticks to beat on things with and make noise. I had to fight the temptation to chuck them across the bar at this obnoxious bar tender the whole time.
we went to 7-11 on the way home and the little foreign man working there gave me a free hotdog. Yum!

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