raaaawr    2003-10-16 18:18:58 ET
This week has totally sucked.
I haven't had a good nights sleep since sunday and i'm pooped! I have had 8 billion things to do for classes. I'm going to tear my hair out if i have to do another lab report in the next 3 days. Work absolutely stunk today. Everyone is getting yelled at for stupid bs so everyone is blaming everyone else for things. It's stupid. Also, we had to clean*10^6 because they are filming a commmercial at the store tomorrow. woo! I won't get to be in it though.
my group presentation on Comm. Technology went well today. That is always a plus. And the intramural soccer team i play on made it to play-offs cuz we rock.

I need to go see my doctor. i have this horrible spot in my back between my spine and shoulder blade that consists of about 4 knots that haven't gone away in 3 months. often-times when i'm lying in bed it likes to spasm. just recently i pinched a nerve somewhere and my forearm is numb. today it hurts so bad i can't turn my head all the way to the right side. i'm figuring it's all related somehow, but alass i probably won't go see my doctor for atleast a few more weeks because i'm a bum.

time to finish off my karmelsutra ice cream then hit the hay! :)

     2003-10-14 12:24:44 ET

You are Bucky Katt! Aloof.. bizarre...sarcastic...
volatile... You are a CAT, after all. You would
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eat a delicious Monkey. You don't believe in
Canada and you would prefer to drop a big rock
on France. You claw first and nap later. Tuna
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I <3 Bucky.

 Is the semster over yet?    2003-10-13 10:52:04 ET
I hate school. :(
I got a 11.5/30 on my deformable solids test, and a whopping 117/200 on my materials science test.
Way to go Kim. I'm going to have to work my ass off to do better. It's really not that I'm doing bad, it's just that my Profs for those classes are dicks! I put forth enough work and effort to atleast have gotten 80% or better on the exams but these two Profs purposely make their tests extremely difficult then when you make even a minor math error you lose 70% of the points.
When life bites you in the ass, it's always best to bite it back twice as hard and kick it for good measure.

On a better note, I had a nice weekend. I got to go home to my cousin Oliver's 1st B-day party. That was a good time. Saw my grandparents before they went back to Arizona for the winter. And spent ample time with the boyfriend. :)
I'm also hoping I get this internship with the Monsanto Company(they make Round-up and bio-engineer seeds). My chances are slim but it would be awfully sweet to live in Georgia or Lousiana for 6 months.

Well, my two lab reports and deformables hw aren't going to get done on their own. Oh and that mid-term in econ and that presentation? They'll just have to wait till tomorrow, I guess. Boy I wish it were thursday, all of this would be over.

Uncle Ray's Mustard & Onion flavored "Coney" Potato Chips rock my world!

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