Duh duh dun    2003-09-15 18:43:57 ET
The things I've learned today:

I really hate writing lab reports.
6 hours of sleep is just not enough.
But evening naps are the best.
Lectures notes on Volume Defects in Crystalline Solids are very difficult to decipher after you slept through half the class period.
The sneezies hurt.
And stuffy noses do too.
Economics is, and always will be, boring.
Seeing friends you haven't seen in a long time is absolutely wonderful.
The Mew thoroughly enjoys a good brushing.
And is strangely attracted to the pattern on my bed sheets.

 i feel neglected...    2003-09-14 19:08:06 ET
My sister got a new computer today. I am angry.
Why am I so angry, you ask?
The one she had worked just fine. I just spent hours fixing it. I could have been doing other, more important things with my time.
Plus, since my whole family is computer illiterate I had to put the new computer together, hook up her ethernet, figure out why her speakers wouldn't work, install some shit, and all I really went to her dorm for was to see my parents because lord knows they were not going to stop by my apartment before going home.
Am I jealous? Sure, as shit.
All she has to do is whimper and they give her anything she wants. I might beg and get nothing.

Maybe I'm jsut upset because my own father, my daddy, didn't even say more than a sentence to me today.

So, I know I shouldn't really piss and moan because I am very fortunate to have all I have, and very thankful at that. I just forget sometimes.
What really upsets me most is seeing my parents just throw money at my sister for things she doesn't need. She just wants something because "so-and-so has one" and she doesn't.
I know my mom throws around money like it grows on trees but it doesn't mean my sister should take advantage of that.

 Too weird.    2003-09-13 09:50:51 ET
I had the strangest evening at work last night.
The whole time I had this weird feeling that someone was watching me. And no, I am not talking about the security cams. At one point while I was filling collers I actually had to stop filling the 7-up cooler because this really strange feeling came over me all of a sudden. I walked over to the other side of the store to the front counter and my co-worker, who I thought was taking the garbage out was standing there as if he had been for minutes. I didn't even know he had come back in the store.
When I was counting the registers there were a lot of strange coincidences. Register B was exactly $100 over(more than likely an employee error). When I was counting Reg. A, I did the usual- count up to $100 starting with the change, then one, etc, and I ended up with the five, one and change adding up to exactly $100. When i counted up the rest of the money in the draewr it was exactly $400, plus there were two credit slips for 36.39 and 36.36. When I added all the drops for the day the total was 2220.00. There were waaaaaaaay too many round numbers.

And to top off all this strangeness... I had a dream about my Nana who past away this past November. In the dream I was running a small business, and i was counting the cash in the registers and something when wrong and my Nana turned to me and told me 'it's alright!' with a big grin and laugh, and hugged me. I instantly started crying, in the dream, and woke up at that moment sobbing. I also realized at that moment that her birthday was just 3 days ago.
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