Mr Sandman?? Hello?    2003-08-30 19:53:19 ET
I have posted in a while. hm.
School started, it sucks. My sister is going to college here at MSU now also. It's nice to have a family member nearby, even if you don't always get along.

I'm leaving mega-early to go up north to my parent's cabin for two days. And I need to sleep, but I can't. This stinks. I'm going to go climb into some jammies and snuggle with Jolie's Mew, since Jolie is gone for the night.

 Our society is overly-dependent on electricity.    2003-08-15 07:22:58 ET
Good news:
my computer == fixed. yay! :)
as of 3am this morning our power is back on! woo! being without electicity, and all alone in your apartment really sucks.

Bad news:
I am still not well. I went to the doctor yesterday and he told me i have a sinus infection or i have mono. he gave me antibiotics, but if i don't show any signs of improvement i have to go in monday for a blood test.
I seriously doubt it is mono. I really hope it isn't anyway. There's no way i could have gotten it. I'm stumped.

Time to eat so i can take my anti-biotics.

 meh.    2003-08-12 12:40:09 ET
ahh. it's so good to be out of work.

jeff just reformatted my computer. it's kinda nice. although, i'm having trouble getting things to re-install.
it keeps telling me "msiexec.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows" then it says "Error 1719".
I'm getting angry.

i've had really bad allergies the past few days. my tongue and throat are swelling up. it's so strange. i keep taking benadryl and tylenol allergy/sinus and it's making me so tired. i just wanna get better! :\

well, i am pooped. therefore, i will be napping.


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