blah blah babble.    2003-08-06 02:21:03 ET
blah blah blah tired.
blah blah work blah.
driving blah blah blah blah.
blah blah sore throat blah.
ear ache blah.
blah blah cranky.
meh blah.

 [enter curse words here]    2003-08-05 17:05:26 ET
My computer is retarded.
I hate it. Grr.

I work early again tomorrow, then to visit jeff, then home, then up north 'til Saturday.
This is gona be grrreat. Except, my sister is having a ton of people up, which angers me. It's going to be noisy as all hell and my sister is going to be cranky. Whenever any of her friends spend more than 10 minutes near me she gets mad. As if I am actually trying to "steal" her friends. I usually laugh at her when this happens and it makes her even angrier. lol

I just dyed my hair and my scalp is still flaming. I must do somehting about this.

 I don't care, what the people are thinkin', I ain't drunk, I'm just drinkin'    2003-08-03 17:26:15 ET
Went to Potter Park Zoo, in Lansing, yesterday with Jolie, Jeff and a friend of Jolie's. Saw a spider monkey take a shit then stick his fingers in it. Yum! I barked at the meerkats and they got all excited and ran up to the edge of their cage and stared at me. Watched the camel family walk in circles for 5 minutes. We were fairly sure that it was because they're used to walking in circles for the 'camel rides'. But, I saw NO PENGUINS! It looked as if they were cleaning the penguin pen. I am angered by this. A guy i work with told me "they all probably died and they're waiting for new ones." I am crushed.

Watched American Psycho II last night. I liked it. I think I even liked it better than the first one. Hm.

I was made a manager at work. Which is cool because I got a raise, but it sucks now because I won't be able to go home early anymore. bah. lol.

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