MY EYES!! MY EYES!! I CAN'T FEEL THEM!!    2003-07-22 17:55:18 ET
I'm at my parents for the night.
I was just too lonely at the apartment with Jolie gone.
I'm on my sister's computer. It's horrible.
Everything is pink. I'm going to poke out my eyes.
I can't change any settings because she'll have a canary and i'll have to put up with even more of her whining. bah.

Hopefully I'll be able to get my laundry done in a timely manner so I can jet over to Jeff's tomorrow. woo! :)

     2003-07-22 12:38:45 ET
Dear Corporate Bastards,

I was not aware that your high profile, $100K+/year, 9-5 job, and shiny new car made you exempt from basic traffic laws and common courtesy. Eat shit and die mother fuckers.

Best Regards,
One Angry Poor Chick.

 A long long time ago i can still remember how that music used to make me smile    2003-07-21 11:47:32 ET
i saw a dog on the expressway today. it stayed between the lines for a good 1/8 mile. that's better than most humans can do. i feel bad, like i should have tried to stop and help it. more than likely, i would have gotten myself hurt or killed in doing so. a man was stopped on the side of an on ramp who was hopefully his owner. i watched the pup come up the ramp and head right towards the closeby exit ramp. being that it was somewhat of an overpass, i hope it was heading for a spot of land near the exit ramp. good thing the speed limit is 55 and not 70 at that point.

woke up with my eye swollen shut. that was...uhm...neat?
i managed to reduce the sweeling considerably enough to go to work and not look funny, but when i got home i noticed my pupil was HUGE. i went to the doctor. the verdict?conjunctivitis. either infectional(pink eye) or allergic. he gave me some sample drops fo' free. [woo!] so, we'll see what happens.

food. yum.

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