another!?    2003-07-20 11:27:47 ET
yes, another. i am that bored.

dishes done. garbage gone.
sauerkraut and kielbasa is cookin.

the neighbors are arguing. they're throwing dishes. geezuz.

 fuck the police.    2003-07-20 10:40:02 ET
eww. rain.
it's so depressing. life feels so drab on sundays.
the rain really isn't helping.

and no sooner than i finish the above sentence- the sun is back. it is times like this that i really do love living in Michigan.
i'm rather bored this afternoon. jolie is at work, and the mew is snoozing in a laundry basket in her mommy's room. reading will only put me to sleep, i don't feel like playing computer games and net surfing doesn't seem to appealing either. bah. this leaves me to amuse myself.
i hate being so introverted. if i don't keep doing something i find it hard to distract myself from the constant dialogue running through my brain. sometimes i feel like those people you see on street corners mumbling to themselves. i haven't been sleeping well lately because of it. most of it is pointless mumbo-jumbo but lately i've been sorting through my past. going through all the stupid things i've done, conversations i've had, things i wish i would have said, situations i wish i could relive, things i wish i could say i'm sorry for, but it's all too late. the more i think about them, the more this knot in my stomache tightens. i don't want to just forgive, or forget, or put it past me. i want to hold on to everything, to learn from them. i don't want to hurt others, to be hurt, or miss out on that perfect opportunity ever again. but isn't that what everyone wants? to feel no regret or pain or sadness? if you couldn't feel sadness then what would constitute happiness? everything? where's the joy in that?

i should go do dishes. and take out the trash. meh.

 sweet cracker sandwich!!    2003-07-17 18:14:13 ET
i just worked 7 days in a row. bah.
i am so burnt out. i guess it was pay-backs for those 7 vacation days i took these past two weeks.

went shopping with jolie today. bought a cute skirt, a shirt, and my very first pant suit. i feel so smart and accomplished when i put it on. i love it. haha
i also bought some various other crap i'm sure i don't need. although, i did get a nice basket. the mew has claimed it for her own, i think.

all-in-all i'm pooped, and i've been having strange dreams lately. i think it's movie time. tah tah.

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