I could just wet myself...but that takes effort.    2003-07-26 22:55:18 ET
Quote of the Day:
by: captflushgordon 07/26/03 07:03 pm
There you go, blaming men for all your troubles. That's the problem with you Women's Libbers! That's why it's still a man's world, and always will be! 'Cause you Libber's are nothing but a whiney bunch of mealy mouthed mamby pambies! Instead of using these messgae boards to make trouble for the millions of decent, hard working men out there, shouldn't you find one of them to marry? that way you'll have somebody to run home and make Hamburger Helper for! It'll keep you out of trouble!


 Ramblings...    2003-07-26 10:09:01 ET
I cut my hair yesterday. It feels soooo good!
I can't believe I trusted myself to take scissors to my own head. Haha. It turned out well. So, no regrets.

35 minutes and counting until i must go to work.
I hate closing on saturdays.
I should bring home a pizza. Mmm. What a yummy thought.
All this talk of food is making me hungry.

     2003-07-25 13:35:30 ET
A tuna sandwich, 2 dill pickle spears, and cheese and crackers. YUM!
I have one happy tummy.
I've been calling Jeff all day and haven't heard back from him. I'm starting to get worried.
He and some buddies were supposed to go canoeing after class today. In the FLINT RIVER of all places.
They have probably been shot at, found a couple bodies, fell in, picked up ecoli, and drown to death.
Yes, I know I'm overreacting. I guess I'll just sit here and wait impatiently.

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