2003-07-10 16:00:13 ET
ahh vacations.
too bad it's over.
had some great girls-gone-wild fun.
ate a lot of yummy home cookin'.
learned how not to play pool at the local bar.
pimped it on the lake Michigan shore.
burned to a lovely red crisp.
drank margaritas from a large mug.
and jolie almost ran a priest over.

 eww! moldy grapes and sour milk!    2003-07-06 08:04:28 ET
woo! Road trip! going up north with Jolie and some other friends tomorrow! ::dances around::
I must make it through the work day first though. blegh.
Shower time.

 why hello there    2003-07-04 08:05:49 ET
Aah. I love vacations.
I just got home from my parents cabin 'up north', as any Michigander would say. I got to waterski and see my family and some friends. Good times. Especially last night, from which I'm still recovering. We had ourselves one happening beach bon-fire. That is until some people got a little out of hand and started fighting, arguing, crying, offending, stripping, harraassing, and fornicating.
That's what makes for a good party though, right?
hmph. I've been driving since 8am. I came home today to go to work but when I called to let them know I would be about 10 minutes late because of a bad storm my managers told me that a tree was down on one of the power lines and we had lost 3/4 of our power. They let me have the day off. Now I can rest since I have only slept 3.5 hours today.

ack. kim is exhausted.
time to nap with the mew.

what's new in the hood?

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