2004-02-02 12:57:47 ET

Sometimes I come on here, and I start to think about how things are going between my friends and I. It's weird. I was talking to a friend of mine, and it seems people like to betray me. Granted, I guess it's nobody important. and it's not exactly betrayal. But for some reason it felt like it. so much weirdness and confusion in my life.
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2004-01-30 09:40:30 ET

So I'm sick. My nose is pissing me off, with all the sniffling and such. I should be better by tomorrow. Maybe the next day. I'm making jello! Which... I really don't feel like waiting for. I did that because Dimitra kept talking about jello. And I was doing dishes... and it was all sitting right there calling to me.
I should possibly vaccuum. Anyone have any idea what I should do tonight? and what's with the sudden surge of marriage talk... geez...

2004-01-29 15:38:57 ET

crap DOES happen in 3's... stupid.. chris.. taking my dancing away..

2004-01-27 15:11:06 ET

I added some new pictures to the second gallery.
I'm in a very horrible mood. That's right. You heard me. Go fuck yourself.

2004-01-24 14:33:31 ET

I think it's high time Adam got his skanky ass into the shower and got ready for the club tonight...

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