2003-12-09 03:40:45 ET

I've been 'extremely' tired lately. I think last night I finally got a decent amount of sleep, but still... dying!
I haven't really done anything of great importance lately. I helped someone move for 9 hours and that sucked. Now i'm sitting here with my breakfast, waiting for my friend to wake up. I probably annoyed him greatly yesterday saying i'd go over at 3pm, and never showing up at all. I was so exhausted.... I fell asleep on the couch a bunch of times all curled up in my blanket. *shrugs* maybe today shall be different...

2003-11-29 08:33:41 ET

I think i've decided that if I didn't eat cookies, I'd be dead. I swear it's the only thing in this house that I can eat anymore. and even then it's often a stretch when my mom makes these little experimental cookies. not like i'm all that hard to please when it comes to food. I can hope that she at least bought some cheese...

2003-11-25 09:38:44 ET

I went down to windsor again for a freak show. It was alrite, and it was nice to see my friends again. I then came home to dance the night away, and take care of my really really obscenely drunk friend. Now, here's a little lesson in logic from my parents. I'm not allowed to have a girl sleep in my bed, but I am allowed to sleep with them downstairs in the basement. Makes absolutely no sense to me! Especially since bed's are for sleeping (and when you own a waterbed, sleeping is about the best and only thing to do on it). Other than that there hasn't been anything going on for me. I need to get a job, possibly kill many people/myself. Maybe bathe in their blood for warmth. Hey, that thought gave me a chill... very nice! Anyways, I'm going to go eat something that isn't a rice krispy square.

2003-11-19 12:34:45 ET

I love jogging in the rain... it was surprisingly warm out at 4am this morning. It felt nice to get soaked and enjoy the night air, without disturbances or cares...

2003-11-01 10:14:37 ET

There's a few new pictures in the webcam gallery, from last night's little halloween blast. not that you can really tell how i looked, since my cam sucks. and you can't really see how pretty the shirt is... *shrugs*

In other news, yes i'm alive... and unemployed again. So I might be here a little more often. until i decide i need a job again (which'll probably be soon, since i'm poor)

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