2004-01-22 21:49:42 ET

Not so sure about that being me thing anymore...

Ever used hair removal cream on your face? I'm testing that out right now. Because I can. It was either that or dye my right arm RED. I might do a little more of this hair removal if I still feel restless. What else can I do to myself...

2004-01-22 08:23:05 ET

Hello world. I'm still me.

2004-01-15 09:50:58 ET

Surprisingly my body's not really pissed off with me. A little tender in a few places, but no worse for wear. licorice and iced tea fill my gullet!

2004-01-12 07:11:53 ET

I slept really weird last night. I'm fairly sure I have a couple friends pissed off at me by now. I told them that I'd go over yesterday, but I never made it. I passed out on my couch. and I wasnt going to call at 330am to see if they still wanted company! So then i sat around for a few hours until 630-645 when I went outside and shovelled snow for 2 hours. when i say snow, i mean snow ice and slush. yay!

2004-01-08 11:38:40 ET

So i've been playing too much Snes lately... which I blame on Dimitra for sending me all these new games. I just got out of the shower, so i'm getting dressed and probably heading out of here...

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