I'll be back in one week.    2005-08-07 15:38:06 ET
I'm going now (in a few hours) to that orchestra thing that's going to last a week... 6 days of rehearsals and tha last one for the concert. Carmina Burana!
Heh, and immediatly coming back from that, I start school again.
Well, I'm gone now.

 I'll play 'O Fortuna' next week!    2005-08-03 21:06:26 ET
I forgot to mention in previous posts that I was selected to play in an orchestra that gathers people from many states and play some repertoire once a year. Last year I couldnít go, now this time I get to go! The repertoire for this year will be complete Carmina Burana, some parts arenít that difficult but I need to study some other parts, well, the orchestra part isnít really the big deal, what is more amazing is playing with the chorus and soloists singers. But other than that, in here, weíve been rehearsing Bachís violin concertos. One guyís with the E major, Iím with the A minor, and he and me together are with the double D minor, and probably the Vivaldiís Grosso too.

I have doing some few sketches and drawings lately, not much but a few, just one recent I made for a friend, but not much of greater works lately.
School starts again in 2 weeks, I donít know if this semester will be easier or harder than the last one, I hope to be more math classes than lab practices.

 Language these days.    2005-07-30 17:48:10 ET
I found this in Lore Brand Comics:

It's true, acording to many philosophers one of the biggest problems with human kind is language and comunications since ages.

Other references now days:

 puzzle    2005-07-28 08:02:51 ET

 -OH    2005-07-24 00:10:32 ET
It had been long time without alcohol in my body, about months, and I never drink that much either. Well, I got drunk tonight, it was nice, a lot of chatting and vulgarities, and couldn't be better with a happy ending of watching some guys fighting and breaking bottles and calling the police, heheh... so cute.

Oh well, I don't know what else to say, other that... ah... yeah, shit... I feel so lonely right now.
...I'm off to sleep now.

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