Another year in this life.    2005-10-14 19:43:51 ET
Damn, again, spent a lot of time without showing up around, just occasionally reading some journals, but Iím not so sure of what to comment.
Well, in school, I have been.... sometimes well, others, not so much... the only subject I enjoy Ďstudyingí is Math V, in all the others Iím like ďblah...Ē.

On Sunday, Oct 16th, I turn 21 years old, so tomorrow Saturday Iíll go with some friends to eat some tacos and get drunk.

I damn myself, I said I was trying to at least make a quick sketch or drawing every weel and Iím still such a procrastinator. Fuck, sometimes it the damn school shores what keep my busy, some other times, the violin.

 Immured    2005-09-19 19:48:54 ET
Today just really sucked ass... well, not really at first. It was the damn exam I had, I did so bad, really bad; and wasnít really that difficult, the main problem was not being able to take out a sheet with formulas (that I always prepare). For fuck sakes, when are they going to learn engineering is not about recording everything in your mind and memorizing formulas. Sigh, sometimes I donít care of it and still take out the sheet secretly, but today I just couldnít, the teacher was very observer on everyone. Well fuck... no, maybe itís really my fault. Iím a piece of shit not worth for this fucking world... pathetic, but true, Iím so pissed/depressed about this exam particularly... it shouldnít have been this way.

On other stuff: quite very slowly but going, Iím still trying to keep drawing something, anything at least every week, so yesterday I made drawing.

 eh...    2005-09-14 19:41:39 ET
Mmh... now that I think about it, many times I'm rather thoughful about not knowing what to write here... heh, I guess that's why I don't have many posts, ..ah well.

Tomorrow I have an exam, it's 11:35 pm and I haven't studied. Procrastinating becomes a vice.

I downloaded and studied lots of Vivaldi, good shit; yet, there's always a taste for Bach at the end.

 through some weeks    2005-08-31 20:01:12 ET
Eh, I donít know how much has it been since my last post, I guess I was just being lazy or procrastinator about typing anything here; well, I decided it was about time.
So, since my last journal entry, what has been? Mmh.... let me recall...
A younger cousin had his baby born. Itís the second 18-year-old cousin that becomes a father.
Some girlís father died. I know her from high school but havenít had much in contact with old school mates, yet my parents knew the man and went to the funeral.
After two weeks of school I finally realized that this semester, no one of the 6 teachers really worth it, they all suck, specially the teacher of Mathematics V, and ironically that the class, ...well, the subject that I like more, Math, thus itís so FRUSTRATING have the worst teacher for the subject you like more, it means Iíll be doing research on the subjects by books and other stuff by myself because I canít trust in that teacher.
Other than that, Iím still studying Bachís violin concerto in Am, plus the double in Dm, and a few more stuff.
I donít know what else to say, other than Iím tired, so Iím off to bed.

 returning    2005-08-17 18:41:23 ET
Iím back. The concert was awesome! Definitely a great experience listening and playing Carmina Burana. I sucked on the auditions though, Iím horribly shy and nervous at stuff like that, whatever, just being there was nice. I met many some people, and got along with them, got a bit drunk the last day of course and laugh of shit going on. It was really a memorable week.

Just as I got back home I immediately went to start classes at school as well. So this is the first week of school. The schedule is a bit weird this semester: from 8:00 to 9:00, then from 10:00 to 14:00, then from 16:00 to 17:00, that sucks, but things most go on.

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