aaah    2006-01-24 22:27:57 ET
Iím not able to sleep early yet. For much as I try I end up sleeping at 3 or 4 am. Classes start next week, Iíll be like a zombie if I donít manage a way to sleep earlier and have a good rest. For some reason I often wake up with aches in my back.
Lately Iíve been amusing myself watching funny/interesting videos at Some videos are hilarious.
Mozartís birthday is on January 26. Iíll go to concert where theyíll be playing his symphonies no. 40 and 41. Itíll be great!
I don't know what else to write about, so this is it for now.

 lately    2006-01-11 21:24:41 ET
I tried to sleep at 00:30 and I couldnít. I canít sleep until itís around 2:00 or 3:00 am. Damn, itís going to suck so much to wake up early when getting back to school, since Iíve been waking up at 11:00 am or later.

My grandfather has been feeling sick and more tired lately. He barely walks, all he can do is lay in the bed and watch tv. I havenít had close people died, except an uncle that was murdered years ago, but I was very young and didnít spend much time or get to knew him better, so I only felt somehow bad or sad, but I was a kid and couldnít feel really what it means. Now my grandfather seems more delicate due to age, and Iím an adult now, I guess Iíll feel lost in a different way now, if he dies soon. I still expect him to live all this year and perhaps next year, but in deed, he looks so tired and sick lately that it got me wondering about it.

In other news, Iím reviving joys of old but classical Super Nintendo, Iíve been playing Mario World, heh, it rocks.

 Soooo stupid.    2006-01-07 22:00:41 ET
The thing on the dvd... I went to the shop I bought and told them my problem. They checked the dvd and tested it on their player and it did have sound. They didnít find anything strange about it. When I came back home I tried it again, then looked behind the dvd player and noticed that it had some audio cables wrongly connected, so I reconnected them and now the dvd worked so fine. I felt so stupid. So stupid. I was all pissed off last night thinking it was the disc and its was a misconnection on the player. Oh, fuck me.

 defective dvd    2006-01-06 23:22:09 ET
I haven updated here in ages.. heh, Iím a slacker, I often come to see some journals but I donít know what to say.

Today... well, I mean yesterday (Iím writing this at 3 am), I bought a DVD of Menuhin concertos. I was very excited when I got home, I put it on the dvd player and the concert started and everything Ďlookedí fine except for one thing: It didnít have any sound!!! I raised the volume at its loudest and only then you could hear some audio. I didnít know then if it was the dvd player, the setup or what. I kept browsing the disc for other tracks and the same result, until I checked for another section with video previews of other dvd from the same makers, and with those video clips the sound was good! It sounded al normal! Then I played back the concertos and the volume again was almost inaudible! I was so pissed off! I felt like a kid who got his Christmas present from Santa himself and the toy is broken. The fucking dvd is defective or bad recorded or something; Iím going to the shop tomorrow morning to see if I can give it back or change it for another one of the same price, for a recall seeing Ferras concertos as well, unfortunately they donít have more of those Emi Classic dvds of violin concertos when I looked in, I wish they had more.

 hatred    2005-12-13 20:56:17 ET

I feel Hate


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